Radio Satellite Telemetry/SCADA CCTV/IT/Cable Underground Radio Sites Gallery

Norcomm is a Townsville based communications company specializing in supplying new

communications solutions and integrating new and existing technologies for its clients.

The company has over 20 years experience in the industry and can provide a

broad range of equipment and services tailored to the customers needs. 

Services we supply are:

Radio Communications Equipment, Installation and Service

Radio Site Hire and Shared Voice Radio Systems

Messaging Services including Pager, Email and SMS

Multi Site Trunk Radio Networks

Satellite Communications Equipment, Installation and Service

Telemetry Solutions including Site supervisory, Pump Station Control and Municipal Water Management

Communications Site Design and Construction including Towers, Buildings and Rigging

Telephone, Structured, Fibre Optic, CCTV and CATV Cable Systems

Virtual Networks and Terminal Equipment

Underground Communications Equipment including Leaky feeder, Voice, Video and Data Systems


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Norcomm Pty Ltd

Unit 11/58 Keane Street, Currajong, Queensland

ABN 70 123 428 231

Phone: 07 47791744  Fax: 07 47731782

Mobile: 0408722833


Townsville, North Queensland, Australia